Brian assisted me with an important legal document presented to my business and brought out salient points for me to consider in negotiating this agreement. He was always proactive in determining where I was in my thought process in relation to the timing for execution of the document. I feel I was able to get most all that I wanted out of the agreement, while having the comfort of sound advice in my decisions to agree with provisions proposed by the other party. I will definitely use Brian's services again.Heidi I.Business Development Manager
My husband and I had a lot of questions and weren’t terribly sure how to ask them.  Honestly, people seem to avoid the conversation for those very reasons, especially at a young age. Brian did a wonderful job explaining to us the various documents that he prepared.  He answered our questions and even brought up talking points that we weren’t sure how to address. His contact through the process was also handled well and we were able to have everything taken care of in a timely manner. My husband and I would highly recommend meeting with Brian for initial Will consultations or even reviews. Avoiding the conversation doesn’t protect your family from tragedy. Having the discussion with Brian has given us peace of mind knowing there is a formal plan and we are glad we’ve taken these important steps with Brian to protect ourselves and our family.  Kelly E.Physical Therapist
Brian is both an attorney and a financial advisor, which is a great benefit. I can tell someone how to set up a trust and some of the pros & cons of a trust -- Brian can also tell that person if it's a good idea to do it or not, from both a legal and financial planning perspective. I consulted with Brian on a complicated trust and he was very helpful in streamlining to make the entire estate easier for my clients to administer.Christie A.Family Law Attorney
My experience with Brian was excellent. He was efficient, very knowledgeable, and precise in completing the necessary tasks at hand. I would strongly recommend him and his firm going forward.Jeremy B.Insurance Broker